About UsProviding sustainable and transparent fruit supply to discerning buyers & markets.

Cultivating Perfection, Distributing Globally

At Zonnehaven, located in the heart of Ceres, Western Cape, South Africa, we pride ourselves on being the sole marketers of our produce, delivering the essence of our rich land directly to you.

In 2023, inspired by the global shift towards a closer connection between consumers and producers, we established Zonnehaven as a grower/exporter venture. This step marks our dedication to narrowing the gap between the field and your table, providing the finest fruits to both international and local patrons.
Our cherished suppliers, Doornkraal Agri and Howbill Farming, are the lifeblood of Zonnehaven. Their legacy as esteemed family-run businesses in South Africa is the cornerstone of our operation.

By joining forces exclusively with them, we’re not just ensuring the longevity and prosperity of our business but also committing to a future where every fruit from our groves is a testament to perfection, crafted with passion and pride for our discerning customers.

Sustainable Farming Methods for Quality & EfficiencyPrioritise sustainable farming methods and utilize advanced technologies to ensure the highest quality and efficiency in our operations. From precision irrigation systems to integrated pest management, we employ modern techniques to cultivate the finest produce.

Advanced Farming Technologies

Our use of advanced technologies enhances the quality and sustainability of our produce.

Seamless Traceability Process

Our farm-to-freight model ensures seamless traceability and transparency in our supply chain.

Quality-Driven Operations

Our commitment to delivering the highest quality fruits through our state-of-the-art production units and packing facilities.

Sustainable Farming Practices

Our sustainable farming practices that prioritise environmental stewardship and long-term viability.

Our Commitment to Sustainability and Eco-Friendly InitiativesDedicated to practicing sustainable methods and supporting local communities and farmers. We believe in creating a positive impact on the environment while delivering high-quality produce to our discerning buyers.

Sustainable PracticesWe implement sustainable farming techniques to minimise our ecological footprint and preserve natural resources.
Community SupportWe actively engage with local communities and farmers, fostering mutually beneficial relationships.
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