Our ProduceExperience the best quality and taste with our sustainably grown fruits.

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ApplesWe take pride in growing the juiciest apples.
PearsOur pears are carefully harvested to ensure exceptional flavour.

Discover a Wide Variety of Delicious ApplesOffering a diverse selection of high-quality apples throughout the year. From crisp and tart to sweet and juicy, our apples are sure to satisfy your taste buds.

AvailabilityAvailable year-round, our apples are harvested from January to May.
Nutritional BenefitsApples are a sweet, nutritious snack that is packed full of antioxidants, digestive fibre and vitamin C. It is also one of the most widely grown tree fruit, with more than 8000 varieties in existence.

Explore Our Range of Flavourful PearsA wide selection of high-quality pears. From the crisp and juicy Bartlett to the sweet and aromatic Anjou, our pears are carefully grown and harvested to ensure exceptional flavour and texture. Whether you're looking for a snack, a recipe ingredient, or a gift, our pears are sure to satisfy.

AvailabilityOur pears are harvested from January to March.
Nutritional BenefitsPears are a nutrient-rich fruit, providing dietary fibre for digestive health, vitamins, and antioxidants that support immune function.
Traceability & Transparency: Ensuring Quality and SafetyTraceability to ensure the highest quality and safety standards for our fruit varieties. Each apple, pear, plum and nectarine can be traced back to its source, providing our discerning buyers and markets with full transparency throughout the supply chain. We hold relevant certifications that guarantee the quality and safety of our produce, giving our customers peace of mind.
Discover the journey of our apples, pears and nectarines, from farm to table.

Produce FAQ'sFind answers to commonly asked questions about our produce.

How does Zonnehaven ensure the quality and freshness of its produce upon delivery?
Zonnehaven employs rigorous quality control measures to ensure the freshness and quality of its produce upon delivery. The company maintains close relationships with its producers, implementing strict standards throughout the cultivation and harvesting processes. Additionally, Zonnehaven utilises advanced packaging and transportation methods designed to preserve the freshness of the produce during transit. Regular inspections and adherence to industry best practices further contribute to the assurance of high-quality and fresh products upon delivery. For more specific details on Zonnehaven’s quality assurance processes, please contact the company directly.

Zonnehaven has a strict certification policy for our producers. They comply with most of the certification schemes globally. Furthermore Zonnehaven has a Chain of Custody Certification which is a supply chain standard that safeguard the segregation and traceability of products origination from GLOBALG.A.P certified production processes.

Zonnehaven’s policies on returns or refunds for unsatisfactory produce are outlined in our customer service guidelines. These details, including conditions and procedures, can be obtained by contacting us directly.
Zonnehaven is highly flexible and capable of customising orders to align with specific retail or branding requirements. For detailed information, please contact us.